Friday, October 26, 2007

The Friend I Never Had

I thought we'd be friends forever,

But your words renounced it altogether.

They struck me by surprise,

Like a lightning current through my heart.

I didn’t think it would be this way.

I didn’t know we were at the last page.

What happened along the way?

Is this what I get for not seeing you each day?

Maybe it really is what I think it is,

So allow me to say this,

That the meaning of friendship doesn’t include

Believing lies as truths.

This cruel life just ripped us apart,

And stranded each of us afar.

I can't believe you'd easily give in.

Unless the distance comes from within.

I thought this bond between us would last.

It’s the special thing we have.

And now I'm so confused.

Which word should be used?

Is it still have or is it now just had?

How can you throw it away like that?

Like a piece of rag you never wanted to have.

Have you forgotten everything that’s been?

Or has your memory been killed?

How can in a moment you just assume,

That my love for you is not so true?

It's fine by me if you want this to be the end.

'Cause I can't force you to be my friend.

I want to thank you for letting me feel,

For just a moment, that friendship is real.

So this is the part I say goodbye

But don’t think that I'm going to cry.

'Cause you can't lose something you don’t have.

And you’re the friend I never even had.


أبو نضال said...

really sad, but i really felt it a lot cuz i've met the same kindd of person more than once!!!

waiting 4 more...

keep it up ;)

Anonymous said...

this is very touching,but too long..ommy

أندلس said...

كتابتك ممتازة يا مرام
لم يقف حاجز اللغة بيني وبين أن أشعر بما بين سطورها من شجن(حزن يعني)

لولا أنني رأيتك فاستفسرت منك لتكرر قلقي عليك مع كل قراءة لتدوينتك

تحية كبيرة لك كبر السماء

abdelrhman said...

I really have to say that right now the words can't just come out...this the very fist time i know u have the talent that much .Masha2allah fe3ln.i can't sy anything but u HAVE to keep going there's really something here u should never let go of...

عمرو طموح said...

Cruelty does exist... and so does kindness.

Hate is a fact... and so is Love.

along the road there's always the Good's and the Bad's of all morals.

What does realy matter is: U >>>

will U b cruel when someone is so with U?!,

will u hate someone when he hates U?!

EZ as the answer may seem, hard as it can be to do!!!

Make ur heart the shelter for others, never let go when ppl do so, reach out fo ppl even when they turn away, treat not anyone with cruelty or anger... as if he is so... then U should not B too!

Anonymous said...

i think it's a bit too long since u last wrote...hope every thing is fine isa.waiting for ur writing soon really inspiered me ALLOT fe3ln wallahi.u have the talent don't let go of it,i wish i had the same.