Friday, November 16, 2007

Little Things

I saw a picture of me and you

Holding hands at our old school.

For a moment it made me think

Of how it was and how it is

And how the world is sucking you in.

So I thought you might like to know

A few little things in case I go.

I really like the color green

And the changing colors of trees.

I like to paint my nails red

And I think best when lying in bed.

Winter is my favorite time of year;

Especially December when lights fill the streets.

The cloudy weather fixes my mood,

And I like the day that ends with a full moon.

I believe everything has a reason,

The good and the bad of every season.

I worry about the future of tomorrow

And I think a lot of yesterday's sorrow.

I like to watch the sun rise

But I like it best when it starts to hide.

I wonder if I miss a lot when I blink

Or why I have to be the one who thinks.

I like to spend some time alone

I feel it’s a duty to myself I owe.

I like to shop it’s a kind of therapy

I know it's hard to grasp that theory.

I like to cook but I love to bake

Pizza is what I want to learn to make.

I have conversations in my head

They get confused with what's been said.

I want to be rich to feed the hungry

And be powerful to end wars in countries.

I like to read but I love to paint

And if you ask me, Picasso is art's saint.

So these are just a few of the little things

That make a person one big thing.

I wish I knew these things too

Just to get a sense of what makes you.

I know for sure we're close at heart

But for some reason we're worlds apart.

And time in here is of essence

Since forever is never present.

So God forbid your day ends,

With a heart filled with bitterness and regret.


rasha said...

OMG maram i cnt believe it, its so amazing
but what i liked d most and i was able to conect to was
" i know for sure we are close at heart but for some reason we are worlds apart"

Anonymous said...

this is amazing ya maram!you say everything so clearly,it's like seeing a picture of you!i'm really impressed...keep it up..of course you know that writing is proven to be therapy...not only shopping:)love you maram..hope you know it.ommy

أبو نضال said...

BGD ya maram...u have an amazing talent...what's best abt ur writings is that they come right from the it's really easy to sence the beauty of ur writings n really easy to touch one's heart...

may ALLAH bless u and may he forbid
your day ends, With a heart filled with bitterness and regret.