Friday, November 23, 2007

I Was There

I was there through it all,

I saw you rise and I watched you fall.

I was there at your best,

When you were the center of the rest.

I thought how wonderful it is

For you to have a life like this.

But I watched it all pass,

Too quick and way too fast.

I watched you grow beyond your years

And slowly develop fear after fear.

I watched your dreams being seized

And others forced upon you despite the pleas.

I saw your world being thrown in an abyss

While every face you knew was dismissed.

I saw you care when no one else did,

And the scar in there, you so well hid.

I watched you achieve with no acknowledgement,

Like the things you acquired were of no significance.

I saw you watch them plan their lives

While you were on hold, put to the side.

I watched you keep your thoughts to yourself

Just so they won't bruise anyone else.

I saw you perfect this act of pretend

That everything was fine, no need to amend.

I watched you cry yourself to sleep

I felt you pain it was too deep.

I heard your blatant silent scream

And watched everyone refuse to hear.

I watched you live lifelessly

Breathing to survive tiresomely.

I saw you smile but I felt your ache

I watched you laugh, but saw your heart break.

I was there through it all

Beginning, end, rise and fall.

It's unfortunate that I have to say,

Hoping hopelessly for better days,

That this knowledge of your history

Frightens the feature out of me.


Anonymous said...

you made my heart ache ya maram!i'm not sure who you meant by this,but i'm sure every single person can easily relate to these's a world full of selfishness & full of people who refuse to listen except to their own voice & refuse to feel except their own pain..but this very same world still has people like YOU!ommy

أبو نضال said...

well whoever this person is, i hope that things would get better for him, and i completely agree with "ommy" :)

may ALLAH bless YOU

ArwAfra said...

maram, its the first time i read ur stuff, but i have to say u hv talent girl, mash'Allah keep it up. this one ws specifically touching. maybe inshallah we'll see ur published works one day