Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Wedding

Today it was coming to be;

The drumming, the dancing, the laughter,

It was all beginning to be real.

And there she was beside her father,

All dressed in white.

Walking towards the future of her life.

And when he held her hands,

For a moment, it felt like time could stand.

But time was ahead of her, ahead of him.

Ahead of the wedding that could have been.

Had it not been for that sound,

The one that brought everything to the ground.

And turned the drumming into bullet screams,

And the dancing into a frenzy of fear,

And turned the laughter into tears.

It made their new found home a pile of sand,

But she still firmly held his hands.

No longer a bride dressed in white,

Just another widow wishing back her lover's life.

Had it not been for that sound;

That turned her dreams upside down.

She would have still had no clue,

That a happy ending could end so soon.


أنس بن أيمن said...

My first comment! Mashaallah, i really like this one.. its meaning is deep and heart-felt. keep it up!

The father of the bride! said...

I like it and was touched by it, though the ending is so gloomy. Why are you becoming so negative about marriage?

Maram said...

thanks ya anas for ur comment! i was wondering when something would interest you!
as for the father of the bride, its not about becoming negative about marriage the idea is not the wedding itself but the events that occurred at the wedding. Its about all the people who try to lead normal lives but their trials never succeed because of the cruelty of the world! it could have been a wedding, a party, a school day, etc...

أبو نضال said...

Finally!! hmmm...sad but it's not always like this :), one decides how he's going to live his life, there are sad moments no one can deny it but there are also really nice ones too, all you have to do is decide, do you want to be happy or sad!!

hope that your life draws a smile on your face...a smile that never fades away...amen

keep it up :)

عمرو طموح said...

mesh fahemha ya maram?!


howa meen elly mat?

Maram said...

seems like the message wasnt very clear in this one...but the idea is that theres a girl who was about to be married, the wedding started and everything seemed to be in place, but it all came down with 'that sound' which refers to the sound of war. people all over the world try to have normal lives but wars keep them from doing so.

Maram said...

therefore ya abu nidal, some people decide to be happy, but the circumstances make it hard or even impossible.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that it wasn't clear.
But again it really describes what can happen, even in the happiest moment in our lives tragedy can b found...
But on the contrary the same opposite can happen…
I think that if live haven’t been the way it was from happiness into sadness and sadness into happiness we wouldn’t learn as much as we did or think as we do ….
May allah make our lives as happy as we hope lead us to what’s right for us..

Anonymous said...

mashaAllah ya maram!!!!so sad but so real...i almast heard 'the sound"& saw the rubble..i guess you have to be a woman to understand the message:)it's quite clear..don't take so long to let us enjoy some more..ommy

**baby-fay**bothaina said...

meme i luuuuuv this poem!!
i was sooo touched by it and got really emotional and bil3aks the message is very clear if you concentrate on the meaning!!..
ne ways good one w keep it up
luv u

Anonymous said...

hi... you don't know who i am and i found this site by complete chance(surfing through google)... but your poetry is beautiful and wonderful and painfully perfect... and i just needed you to know that... you will always have my support-xxStranger