Friday, February 8, 2008

You're the One

You kissed each of your mother's hands

And left that note in case you don’t come back.

Inside you confirmed the eternity of your love

Asked her to be strong and never give up.

You promised her after darkness there is light

And after death there comes life.

Then you signed it off with a word of love

Telling her you're proud to be her son.

And you left your house that day

Never knowing if you'll be back again;

Because every time you leave your home,

There's a likely chance you will be gone.

But that day was the one you lived for.

It happened just like you dreamed,

While looking in the eyes of your foe

And in His name you screamed.

It only took one shot,

To get you there and across.

But in your heart you knew you won't be gone

You believed your memory will live on.

So from your spirit I pray the world can heal

And to your actions they take heed

Because you're the one they call shaheed.


**baby-fay** Bothaina said...

hey meme
omg khalas ive chosen this one to be my favourite!! hehe
wallahi ur mi lil inspiration!!
luv u

أبو نضال said...

Simply deep, heart touching and calls the tears to fall down...may ALLAH bless u ya maram

Maram said...

thank you both for ur comments!! really means alot!!!

Anonymous said... it love it bgd ya baby walahy it's amazin..wov u sooooooooooo much

Anonymous said...

This one hit me hard especially the part :
But that day was the one you lived for.
It happened just like you dreamed.

i realised now how can the end b..
that it's not that easy but but not so hard.....yet work is what we need....
may allah make us all shohada2 isAllah...
[To him we shall return]


Anonymous said...

nothing can be said about this one!!!!too good to be commented on..ommy:)

The father of the bride said...

Masha Allah. Amazing and very deep. Hope the world can listen to what you're saying.
The father of the bride!

Anonymous said...