Thursday, February 14, 2008


571,190,400 seconds, how quickly they pass.

9,519,840 minutes, can never come back.

158,664 hours, how long they last.

6,611 days, significance they lack.

216 months, how small they seem.

18 years, where have they disappeared?

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years;

How many more will I see?


أبو نضال said...

isA u'll c a lot more yrs, months, days , hours and seconds :)

wishing u a brighter 2morrow
that knows no sorrow

really nice and deep post ya maram, it's really important that we ponder upon our lives, how we live our yrs, how we spend our time, are we walking the right path? is this's what we really want in this world?...and every quesetion leads to another, and every answer leads to another...hope u find all the answers :)


Anonymous said...

may Allah make your days & years full with happiness & contentment..may He bless your entire life..ommy:)