Sunday, March 9, 2008

This Year

If you asked me what I want this year

I won't tell you what you want to hear.

I could ask for things that come in boxes with ribbons,

Things whose beauty is not so hidden.

I could ask for things wrapped in pretty paper,

And a little card wishing things sooner instead of later.

I could ask for all the things you can have.

All the things I never had.

But thank you, you never asked.

Because the things I could want will never last.

But the things I really want can never be;

Not because of fate, it's just reality.

I want things money can't bring

Like a song that hearts can sing.

I want just a day when no one dies,

Or to watch the news and no mother cries.

I want a day when the human life is priceless

Or to see a day when money becomes worthless.

I want gardens of flowers and springs.

I want hope that’s not hanging on a string.

I want a day when I can dream,

Just one dream that doesn’t end in fear.

I want a day without seeing suits and ties

Shaking hands, smiling to the camera, telling lies.

I want a smile on every face,

Or a remedy for the heart that aches.

I want a day when justice is served,

Or just a moment when the truth is heard.

I want to see the setting of the sun,

And with eagerness pray for another to come.

So as you can see,

These things can never be.

It's not fate, its just reality.

So thank you, you never asked

About the things I'll never have.


أبو نضال said...

I want all our hearts to be as pure as yours
All our minds land on the same shore
I want to see a huge smile on all our faces
not because we won, but becuase we narrowed the empty spaces
between our soules, no matter how far our places
I want the world to sing your song
For this rythem to be so strong
I pray for us to live that day
Where all our hearts walk the same way


to7fa ya maram...:)

Anonymous said...

very strong,very real,very you..ommy:)

Asmaa said...

i agree with your mom... it's very you ;)

abu adhamza said...

what is that..unbelievable..??
am i dreaming ..or it's true..??
this is the first time to know about ur blog and by coincidence..
in brief..i am PROUD being ur fans...!!

Anonymous said...

inshallah you live that day ....
May Allah bless, protect, and guide you....
Good Luck with your everything.........

I don't know said...

love ur writing :) very wonderful to read