Monday, October 22, 2007

In the Making

Hey little girl what's on your mind?

What are you thinking of this time?

Little girl why are you looking so sad?

This smile is not the same as the one you once had.

Little girl its okay;

I know you're just a little afraid.

So take my hand and lean on me,

I was once there but with no one there for me.

Little girl it will be alright,

This world is not always a constant fight;

But this life is moving too fast

And you're just letting it pass.

Little girl why wait till the winter of your years

To be who you've always wanted to be?

Life won't come running back to you.

You have to search for it; you have to decide what's true.

Little girl take it from me,

These years are your years.

These years are the ones that make you.

So don’t let them waste you.

Little girl you need to do what you have to do,

Because now you're in the making of you.

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