Thursday, October 25, 2007


Sometimes I sit and just look at you.

I watch you and your every move.

How did you get here?

Where did you come from?

How come I never see you stumble?

Your head is always held so high,

Its not ego, it’s the good kind of pride.

You talk with such eloquence

That makes everything fall into silence.

You move with such grace

That no one can match your pace.

You know the answer to every question

And you figured out life's function.

Nothing you do is ever for you.

It's like you're the salvation of the crew.

Your dreams you put them aside;

And told others to follow theirs with pride.

You've become part of the answer,

That everyone needs with their problems.

And never once did you turn your back.

Or thought for a while, "I need time to relax."

Your loyalty is never hindered.

And your friendship forever lingers.

Just how can you be so strong?

How can you walk in the face of danger with no arms?

How can you hide those tears in your eyes?

I know a part of you wants to hide.

A part of you wants to be like the rest.

Just another person not doing their best.

To live a moment when you're the one in need.

To learn a little instead of teach.

To have someone there for you,

Like you were there for those you knew.

I can see it all in your eyes.

But did I ever tell you, you make me want to rise?

I wish I was a little more like you.

The world could use more of you.

And did I ever tell you, you give me peace?

If I ever fall, I know on you I'll lean.

I wish I could take you to a better place.

A place where they'd all know your name.

A place where you could feel free.

A place where you're treated like a queen.

And did I ever tell you, you imbue

My heart with love, compassion, and truth.

Did I ever tell you who you are?

You're the hero you didn't know you are.


Anonymous said...

is this a real person or you just wish it's real?

Maram said...

its a real person!

عمرو طموح said...

This model is inside each and every person...

the only difference amongst us is... the will tO B sO.

what do U think?!