Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where We Used to Be

It used to be the usual hello and goodbye

But now that I know you

I really want you by my side.

I knew that I loved you

But now that I know you

I really feel it too.

It was distance between us

But now that I know you

The miles became meters.

You were always just standing there

But now that I know you

Your presence is grave.

I never thought we'd again be like this

'Cause now that I know you

Our acquaintance is bliss.

My head fills with our childhood days

When we'd hold hands

And walk the same way.

Remember when we were so small?

Everything seemed big and tall.

We used to hide from the rest

So it could be just us.

And I smile 'cause it's all coming back to me,

The things that made us we.

And I'm glad we're finally finding the way

To where we used to be.


أبو نضال said...

i closed my eyes and lost myself for a minute or two

all these memories...u remember them too

the games, the plays

the wonderful days

do u remember how we used to say

we'll never be apart

no matter how hard is our way

we've distanced for a bit too long

but i think i hear the humming of our songs

the beuatiful melodies

our colored galeries

it's all coming back to you

i'm sorry i meant me

no no no the word is we

after many years of you and me

we're finally becomming we :)

ma sha2 ALLAH ya maram, really deep feelings, and wonderful words i must say, i read all your posts but i just couldn't help myself, this one had to have my first comment.

keep up the good work, ur writings r really great and they carry some really nobel messages.

waiting for more, soooooooon isA.

Maram said...

WOW!! wat u wrote is amazing. i see ur getting the point of this..thank you for ur comment its a bing encouragement!!

Auberta said...

Good words.